Adrian Popescu
Founder & Vlogger @NoapteaTarziu

Adrian Popescu aka. Cuza is a very talented content creator and vlogger who founded one of the biggest online projects, Noaptea Tarziu, that has earned already more than 1.5 million subscribers on YouTube. With a great experience in public speaking, Adrian is very passionate about the way in which online work. He is keen on tehnology and entrepreneurship. He loves to write lyrics and create funny concepts for Noaptea Tarziu’s covers. He constantly evolves in various CSR campaigns and gets in touch with his community. This year Cuza along Cucu and Emi, his colleagues from Noaptea Tarziu, and other established content creators are part of the Romania’s Next Big Vlogger campaign, where they help new vloggers to become the next successful entertainers of Romania.